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Freitag, 23. Oktober 2020

Proper use of the air conditioning



An air conditioning system is a popular extra and is installed in almost all new cars. No one wants to miss out on cooling in a car when temperatures are high in the summer. Besides, air conditioning systems contribute to driving safety: A driver's concentration diminishes noticeably at high temperatures. Moreover, an air conditioning system also helps to clear misted-up windows in winter. Nevertheless, if the air conditioning is set incorrectly or poorly maintained, it can result in colds and circulatory problems.

Proper use of the air conditioning protects the environment, your own health and also saves fuel...

  • Ventilate the car well before each journey
    This will lower the temperature of the heated car.
  • Estimate the length of your trip
    For short trips, the air conditioning should be turned off - in order not to increase the fuel consumption.
  • Deliberate use of the AC
    Often the AC is switched on unnoticed. Especially at low temperatures - check the control lamp and turn it of manually.
  • After starting the journey, keep all windows closed
    First set the fan to medium speed and turn on the recirculation mode. This prevents warm fresh air from outside being brought in when the system is switched on.
  • Do not set the temperature too low
    The difference between the exterior and interior temperature should be as small as possible and not more than a maximum of six degrees.
  • Set the fan correctly
    The air flow should not directly aim at the body.