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Sonntag, 5. Februar 2023

Bild: Logo der Deutschen Umwelthilfe

The German Environmental Aid Association (DUH) is responsible for the successful coordination of the LIFE+ campaign.  

The DUH was founded in 1975 and is an independent non-profit association focussed on the protection of nature, environment and consumer rights. The mission and activities of DUH are the enforcement of sustainable economy and way of living, improvement of all aspects of environmental quality especially in the following sectors: energy / climate protection, transportation, nature conservation, climate mitigation (especially support to renewable energies and energy efficiency), the protection of nature and biodiversity and environmental education. Core competences of DUH are coordination, public relations and campaigning as well as consultancy for policy makers.

The DUH has adopted a cooperative approach. Environmental projects are undertaken in collaboration with other associations, businesses, departments of the federal authorities and municipalities. The formation of networks and the establishment of a broad circle of supporters for the success of our work plays a crucial role.

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Bild: Logo des Verkehrsclub Deutschland (VCD)

The VCD, our project partner, is an association for sustainable mobility and a major German transport and environmental organisation. It was founded in 1986 and has about 60.000 members and supporters. The VCD is divided into 160 local groups in 12 regional sections, the headquarters is in Berlin with 35 employees. The VCD offers information for the public on sustainable means of transportation. It lobbies for better jurisdiction on sustainable mobility.

The VCD stands up for environmentally friendly mobility, more public transport, more cycling, more walking and better traffic safety.

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