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Chemical refrigerants



Chemical refrigerants would be a new generation of polluting fluorinated greenhouse gases, which are to be prohibited in the EU. Only in the year of 2007, the Verband der Automobilindustrie (VDA) stood up for the environmentally friendly CO2-technique. At the beginning of this decade, the German car industry originally promised to bring the MAC system technology to be used in a large-scale production. However, in the meantime, the producers prefer the chemical 1234yf to all appearances. In case of an accident, it involves a considerable danger for passengers and rescue workers. Tests have shown: When the MAC system has a leak, the 1234yf catches fire by contacting hot motor components. If moisture from the environment comes to it, corrosive hydrofluoric acid is produced.

Apart from the health dangers there are more arguments against 1234yf:

  • Price: 1234yf will cost much more than current refrigerants or the alternative CO2.
  • Production: Additional CO2-emissions are a result of the production of synthetic refrigerants.
  • Risk of abuse: 1234yf-MAC systems can be refilled with the present refrigerant R134a – the goals of the EU-regulation would be evaded.

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