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Publications and further information

© G. Altmann (Pixelio.de)

© G. Altmann (Pixelio.de)

On this page, you'll soon find publications of our campaign. Besides, we provide links and publications of other institutions concerning MAC systems and their environmental impact.

Layman's Report: Results of the campaign PRO KLIMA

PRO KLIMA campaign logo

Information of other institutions

UBA - Background: Natural Refrigerants for Mobile Air-Conditioning in Passenger Cars
» PDF-Download

UBA - Avoiding Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases
» PDF-Download

EU-Commission: Reducing CO2 emissions from light-duty vehicle
» http://ec.europa.eu/clima/policies/transport/vehicles/index_en.htm

BMU/UBA - Environmentally Sound Alternatives in Mobile Air Conditioning
» PDF-Download

UNEP: HFCs: A Critical Link in Protecting Climate and the Ozone Layer
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Campaign flyer

Climate protection also in your car: Why are mobile air-conditioning systems an environmental issue? What is PRO KLIMA about and which are the objectives of our campaign? What can car drivers do? Answers to these questions can be found in our flyer!

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