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Sensible measures in the field of thermal management

Heat-reflecting glazing

Heat-reflecting or heat-absorbing glazing reduces the cooling requirements of a vehicle significantly. Incorporated special pigments ensure that a large part of the infrared rays of the sun is reflected. For retrofitting of existing vehicles particularly, special coatings as films are a good solution. Thereby, less energy for the air-conditioning has to be spent.

Heat-reflecting Coatings

Infrared-reflecting coatings (so-called cool paints) can also contribute to reduce the interior temperature of the vehicle. This can be achieved by special color pigments (cool pigments) added to the paint. Hereby even darker surfaces are able to reflect infrared radiation effectively – with the result that the car heats up less.

Thermal insulation using insulation foams

High performance insulation foams reduce the need for heating in winter by protecting the interior of the vehicle from the external effects of cold and keeping the heat inside the vehicle. The advantage of these newly developed insulation foams is its low place requirement. In this way, they can also be used for applications where little space is available.

Solar powered ventilation

A direct use of the incoming sunlight also offers opportunities to save energy: Solar cells, integrated into the roof and applied as a thin film, convert sunlight into energy. Thus, parts of the energy demand for ventilation and air-conditioning can be covered. Besides, solar cells enable the operation of stationary ventilation in summer, which allows a lower temperature rise in parked cars.

Pictures from top to bottom: querschnitt - Peter Franz - Oliver Haja - Paul-Georg Meister (Pixelio.de)

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