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Which relative importance has the mobile air conditioning system?

© Montage DUH: R. Sturm (Pixelio.de)

© Montage DUH: R. Sturm (Pixelio.de)

Most drivers use their air conditioning system without thinking further about it. However, what takes place in the car in order to keep a cool head, stays covered for the driver. How often is the air conditioning system actually switched on and what do the consumers know about possible environmental effects? To ask for the level of knowledge in the population, we launched an online-survey. We will inform you about the results on a regular basis. Please take part!

Consumers are called up on participating in the survey and to answer seven short questions. In return, we offer tips about the efficient dealing with MAC systems, explain interesting facts around the subject and give advanced information.

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What participants think...

…I think the making of the survey is exceedingly successful and I am pleased that EU-promotions (here: Life+) are used so very wisely…

…your survey is missing the position: “Shall your next car be equipped with an air conditioning system?”.  I say a clear NO to additional costs, increased consumption, environmental impairment and endangering at accidents…

…I answered the survey with interest…I think that an air conditioning system is not imperative at our climatic conditions and at a driving performance of 15.000 to 20.000 kilometers per year. Possibly, the Spanish and the Innuit disagree…

Campaign flyer

Climate protection also in your car: Why are mobile air-conditioning systems an environmental issue? What is PRO KLIMA about and which are the objectives of our campaign? What can car drivers do? Answers to these questions can be found in our flyer!

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© GTÜProper use of the AC protects the environment, your health and also saves fuel...

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