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Cool down but be smart - the PRO KLIMA filmlet

What do you know about mobile air conditioning (MAC) systems?

Over 90 percent of all new cars are equipped with air conditioning systems. They provide pleasant indoor temperatures and can enhance driving safety, especially in the summer. What most drivers do not know: The currently used refrigerant is extremely harmful to the climate. And for another reason air conditiong systems are anything but environmentally friendly: MAC systems are powered by the engine and increase the vehicles’ fuel consumption by up to 2 litre per 100 km.

Layman's Report: Results of the campaign PRO KLIMA

Our project report (Layman's Report) summarizes the major achievements of the campaign PRO KLIMA in an easily understood way. Learn more about the background of the campaign and the different target groups addressed.

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What is the campaign PRO KLIMA about?

The Deutsche Umwelthilfe e.V. (German Environmental Aid Association) and its partner Verkehrsclub Deutschland e.V. (German Traffic Association) want to press ahead the introduction of natural refrigerants and efficient air conditioning technology. Our campaign addresses several target groups: young driver and car user find important background information in our publications. We offer our exhibition to local authorities, fairs or other public places as a loan. To share professional information about sustainable air conditioning technologies, we organise expert talks and workshops with fleet operators, companies, research institutions and political decision makers.

What can I do?

As a consumer you can also do something to reduce the environmental impact of MAC systems:

  • Test your knowledge about MAC systems in our online survey and tell us, how important the air conditioning is for you!
  • Learn more about the operation of MAC systems…
  • See our tips for a proper use of your air conditioning and let the environment benefit as well as your wallet.

"Keep Cool!" - Flyer for new drivers

What are the goals of our campaign and how does your mobile air conditioning affect the environment? Find more information for especially for young drivers and the general public.

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Survey on mobile air conditioning systems

How often do drivers use the air conditioning? What do you know about the environmental impacts of air conditioning systems?

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